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Playground Fitness Equipment

Playground fitness equipment Playground and fitness equipment go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  On second thought, since this is a blog about physical fitness maybe I should say they go together like broccoli and hummus.  The point is, why have a crazy fun playground for the kids, but neglect the adults? Outdoor fitness equipment [...]

Women’s fitness equipment

Does women’s fitness equipment need to be designed differently than equipment used by men? Does gender in and of itself really matter when it comes to fitness equipment? These are some of the questions that people ask regarding women’s fitness and the equipment they need. It’s a good question and a topic worth discussing. A [...]

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How to choose fitness equipment

As the weather improves, we begin to notice people out jogging and enjoying the outdoors.  The thought occurs to us that we need to get back into a fitness regimen, but how do we choose the fitness equipment that is right for us? When it comes to choosing fitness equipment, it's a difficult choice that requires asking a lot [...]

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Plyometric training equipment

Now here is a term that may be new to you:  Plyometric training equipment.  Many athletes use plyometric exercise equipment for their workouts when training for explosive sports like tennis, volleyball, and track. Often referred to as “jump training”, plyometric exercises allows for maximum force in a short period of time.  It is often used [...]

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Outdoor fitness trails

I have the perfect recipe for the winter season. It’s simple, healthy, and looks especially good this time of year. This delightful combination of 3 magical ingredients is…outdoor + fitness + trails. There is nothing quite like taking a walk outdoors in the clean, fresh air just after a nice meal. It’s been a tradition [...]

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An outdoor jungle gym?

The number-one question people ask when they hear about StayFIT equipment is, “Is it like an outdoor jungle gym?” Most have never seen this type of fitness equipment, and the closest they can compare it to would be the familiar outdoor jungle gym made for young children. Let me answer the question with a “Yes” [...]

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Outdoor workouts for teens

Teachers and parents, you are about to be persuaded! And this time it’s not only about why the latest and greatest StayFIT Bodyweight+ fitness equipment, manufactured in Maple Valley, WA is ideal for age 13 and up. No, this time we need to talk about why it’s important to encourage teens to think “outside the [...]

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