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StayFIT Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Equipment

StayFIT fitness equipment is designed and engineered for indoor/outdoor commercial use and are manufactured to withstand all climates. StayFIT equipment is built to accommodate heavy commercial use in parks, schools, fitness trails, activity/fitness centers or backyard game courts.


StayFIT ExerTRAC Outdoor Fitness Equipment

ExerTRAC fitness trail equipment is designed to be placed in any location where individual stations are required. It can be a running/walking trail, school track, city park or clustered as needed. Each ExerTRAC stations can accommodate from 1-3 fitness activities and multiple stations can be used to create a full body workout.


StayFIT ExerCourt Outdoor Fitness Equipment

ExerCOURT fitness stations are expressly designed for home game courts, tennis courts or any athletic facility. ExerCOURT is the perfect addition to a backyard game court. ExerCOURT is simple to install and easy to use with virtually no maintenance. ExerCOURT is the perfect way to make your court an outdoor fitness center.