ExerTRAC Standard Designs

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ExerTrac Fitness Trail by StayFIT Systems Outdoor Fitness Equipment

ExerTRAC Custom Designs

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ExerTrac Fitness Stations - Custom design your own workout trail

ExerTRAC fitness trail equipment was designed to be the most modular fitness trail systems available. Your new ExerTRAC fitness equipment will be built using the highest quality materials. Every part is custom made for your order by our expert craftsman; just as it has been done since 1980. As a result, we can offer the best warranty in the fitness industry; a full 25 years! 

ExerTRAC has over 40 different bodyweight exercise stations recommended for those aged 13 years and up. Because ExerTRAC has no moving parts it is almost maintenance free, simple to install, and can be designed to fit nearly any budget.

Whether your fitness equipment need is for a walking and running trail, a school or university, a military base, a police or fire department, corporate site, apartment community, or any other application, ExerTRAC is the perfect product to provide you years of active use. You can pick one of our standard designs, or we can do a custom design at no additional cost.