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Custom Manufactured Fitness Equipment

StayFIT Exercises

Individual fitness needs and equipment specifications vary from one group of people to another.  Custom manufacturing provides the unique opportunity to make adjustments to the final design of your equipment.

Pacific Outdoor Products is a custom-design manufacturer.  The StayFIT Bodyweight+ Systems and ExerTrac Fitness Stations are available in standard models, but can also be designed to fit any space requirements, budget, or fitness capability.  The only constraint in manufacturing is that each piece of equipment follow the required safety standards.

Custom-designed StayFIT fitness equipment can include any of the StayFIT fitness stations shown on this website.

Selecting Components

Pacific Outdoor Products has staff who are experienced in martial arts and have extensive knowledgeable in physical fitness and strength training.  If a fitness system  is needed for a specific age-group or training purpose, they can suggest which fitness stations would be best.  For example, for the elderly or physically challenged, recommendations can be made as to which fitness stations would be most appropriate and easiest to use.

If the equipment will be used for specific training purposes, our designers can suggest a structure that will develop the targeted muscle groups.

Selecting Custom Colors

Each fitness system is powder coated in the colors of your choosing. If you have a color scheme that you wish to match, there are a wide range of custom colors.  For a selection of colors, view Cardinal Paint Products powder coating colors.

The standard colors are shown below and include:

 Blue (T009-BL01), Yellow (T009-YL01), Red (T009-RD03), Green (T007-GN13), Black (T006-BK05), and White (T009-RD03).

StayFIT Fitness Systems are priced based on two colors per set —  one color for the vertical upright posts and one color for the fitness activities. There is no additional cost when selecting from the standard color pallet.

(Disclaimer:  When selecting colors, please understand that actual colors may differ slightly due to variances in computer displays.)

Custom Signage

Do you need signage for your fitness trail or exercise unit? Pacific Outdoor Products can provide signage in a variety of sizes, and a color scheme that will match the fitness stations.

View the Safety Signs and Fitness Station Decals.

It is the goal of Pacific Outdoor Products to produce a StayFIT fitness system that will meet your special fitness needs. If you like what you see, but do not see what you want, then talk to us about custom design.

For more information about ordering a custom designed StayFIT fitness system.

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