The following fitness equipment dealers have agreed to supply StayFIT fitness equipment to those living in their service area.  Since much of the StayFIT fitness equipment is custom designed, we recommend working with a dealer near you, if one is available.

These fitness equipment dealers are ready to help you with the design, purchase, and installation of your new StayFIT system fitness equipment.  Dealers may also be able to provide instruction for proper use and fitness tips. Each of these dealers are knowledgeable about fitness equipment and should provide you with excellent customer service.

British Columbia & North America
Great Outdoor Gym Ltd.
Toll Free 1-800-683-5132
Direct 250-256-9282

Pacific Outdoor Products
(425) 432-6000

Foundation Fitness
(503) 505-9538

Sportcourt of Northern California
(925) 932-4108

Colorado – Wyoming
Commercial Fitness Solutions Inc.
(800) 500-1098

North & South Carolina
US Fitness
(919) 875-1900

If a dealer is not listed for your state, or if you do not receive the service you desire, please contact us at Pacific Outdoor Products.

Become a StayFIT Dealer

Pacific Outdoor Products is currently looking for StayFIT dealers in all fifty states.

All StayFIT equipment is manufactured by Pacific Outdoor Products and shipped from Maple Valley, Washington. Pacific Outdoor Products has been manufacturing playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, dog park equipment and site furnishings for over 37 years; and is committed to building high-quality modular equipment that is all made in the USA by dedicated craftsman.

StayFIT dealers may also market playgrounds and dog parks, if desired. Visit to see the complete line of outdoor recreational equipment.

StayFIT dealers are guaranteed a geographical territory once their annual sales reach $50,000.00.

How to start the process:

  1. Use the form below for dealer application.
  2. Describe markets desired or currently serviced. Start-ups are also encouraged – if interested in starting a new business in this very lucrative field, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.
  3. Dealers must offer installation service and are required to display StayFIT products and/or website link on their website.
  4. Dealer discounts are available once dealer status is approved.

Please allow 5 business days for application review.

Dealer Application

  • NamePhoneEmail 
  • NamePhoneEmail 
  • StayFIT Criteria: Minimum purchases of $50,000.00 in the second year to retain the product line. Product line must be displayed on Dealer website.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.