SuperMAX Individual Stations

SuperMAX bodyweight fitness equipment is hand made in the USA and designed specifically for use in almost any environment! SuperMAX is the perfect fitness addition for prisons, correctional facilities, military installations, police departments, fire departments, or any application where only the toughest and heaviest duty equipment will work.

Manufactured with oversized steel components, thicker wall sizes, hand welded, powder coated and all stainless steel hardware (tamper resistant hardware is available).  SuperMAX has no moving parts for minimal maintenance and our 25-year warranty makes it the best product for your existing or new workout facility.

Individual Stations and Custom Design

SuperMAX individual stations can be purchased as a single unit, in groups or they can be linked together to accommodate multiple users at one time. The photos below show the available SuperMAX stations you can mix or match to create the perfect outdoor fitness area. SuperMAX can also be designed in phases so you can easily add on to them as your space and budget allows.

1) Parallel Bars and pull-up

Click to see more exercisesStayFIT SuperMAX Parellel Bars

2) Knee raise / pull-up and squat

Click to see more exercisesStayFIT SuperMAX Knee Raise station

3) Step-up and pull-up

Click to see more exercisesStayFIT SuperMAX Step-Up Station

More Stations & Exercises

SuperMAX Custom Designs

The drawings below are four custom designed linked together sets providing a complete functional workout in a space saving area. If this is what you are looking for let us know the size of your area, fitness stations you want and we can design a set to meet your needs.