Prison Fit: An Ongoing Debate

Television and movies have given us a stereotype of what fitness in correctional facilities is all about. When the storyline takes us inside a prison, the camera pans the “yard” and in the background we always see weight benches and muscled men hefting weights. There is some degree of historic truth behind any such representation, [...]

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Bodyweight Training: Vital to a Well-rounded Fitness Program

The debate over Bodyweight Strength Training, versus the use of iron weights or machines, for athletes or general fitness, has come up repeatedly over the years. Most trainers want their athletes to have a well-rounded fitness program and use a variety of strength training techniques. They want to see an athlete use not just machines [...]

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Strength Training: Benefits of Utilizing Your Body Weight

Improving Your Heart Health Using Body Weight Exercise of any shape raises your heart rate, causing your heart to pump blood quicker. This process helps to improve your circulation as well as naturally reducing your blood pressure. Strength training, especially that utilizing your own body weight, is especially beneficial. For example, it has been [...]

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