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Exercise music to get in the zone

Let's face it...sometimes working out can be a bit boring and other times is real drag. We know if we skip a day or two, we can fall into a bad habit and it will be more difficult to get back into a routine.  I often ask myself, why do some individuals strongly dislike working-out, [...]

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Exercise equipment – treadmill alternatives

When it comes to exercise equipment, treadmills and stationary bikes, along with the newer elliptical machines, are probably the most popular in-home gym equipment.  These types of exercise equipment are great for aerobic workouts as they require repetitive movement with minimal resistance.  They only problem, they take up valuable indoor space.  Most are big and [...]

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How to choose fitness equipment

As the weather improves, we begin to notice people out jogging and enjoying the outdoors.  The thought occurs to us that we need to get back into a fitness regimen, but how do we choose the fitness equipment that is right for us? When it comes to choosing fitness equipment, it's a difficult choice that requires asking a lot [...]

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Outdoor workout equipment that is versatile

What is your favorite StayFIT outdoor workout equipment?  For many, the Multi-Use Pole is a unique favorite.  It is ideal for those who have the least amount of space, but are looking for outdoor workout equipment that is versatile and can adapt to one’s own personal workout.  Whether looking for an easy stretch or difficult [...]

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Exercise resistance bands for stretching

It is important to stretch before and after a workout…that we know. It is all too easy to pull a muscle and suffer an injury if the body is not ready for exertion. Stretching is helpful during the initial warm-up, but of significant importance during the cool-down period. Many people rely on their body position [...]

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Foods that boost metabolism

A strength-training workout with StayFIT equipment and eating foods that boost metabolism are two activities that go hand-in-hand.  Since I love to work-out and love to eat, I figure it’s time to write about this duo.  They say, “Never go shopping when you’re hungry.”  And maybe I shouldn’t write a blog when I’m hungry either, [...]

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Plyometric training equipment

Now here is a term that may be new to you:  Plyometric training equipment.  Many athletes use plyometric exercise equipment for their workouts when training for explosive sports like tennis, volleyball, and track. Often referred to as “jump training”, plyometric exercises allows for maximum force in a short period of time.  It is often used [...]

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Outdoor fitness trails

I have the perfect recipe for the winter season. It’s simple, healthy, and looks especially good this time of year. This delightful combination of 3 magical ingredients is…outdoor + fitness + trails. There is nothing quite like taking a walk outdoors in the clean, fresh air just after a nice meal. It’s been a tradition [...]

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Exercise equipment for the home

  Holiday gift-giving is just around the corner.  Yippee!  It’s time for endless hours of decorating, baking, card-writing, concert-attending, shopping, wrapping, and… ugh!  If the thought of it makes you feel weak in the knees, tired and out of shape, I feel your pain. This blog is going to energize you.  In just a moment [...]

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An outdoor jungle gym?

The number-one question people ask when they hear about StayFIT equipment is, “Is it like an outdoor jungle gym?” Most have never seen this type of fitness equipment, and the closest they can compare it to would be the familiar outdoor jungle gym made for young children. Let me answer the question with a “Yes” [...]

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